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Saath International, a company founded in 2004 in Lahore-Pakistan. Since then we manufacture a variety of products under the brand name of ‘Salt Rays’ from Natural Rock Salt acquired from the biggest worldwide renowned Himalayan Mountain Ranges of Pakistan like Warcha, Khewra and Kalabagh mines and put them on wholesale market throughout the world as well as local retail outlets.

Our mission is to provide our valuable customers a quality environment around them by means of supply of our qualitative Natural Rock Salt Products. We look forward for a rapid growth in our unique range of Salt Products because of always welcome response from our precious customers and we will try our best to keep their confidence in long run through the provision of our quality service and feedback … More …

Latest Products

USB Salt Lamp
USB Salt Lamp
USB Salt Lamp
USB Salt Lamp
USB Salt Lamp
USB Salt Lamp
USB Salt Lamp
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Hot selling product being new innovative look & usage

Salient Features: 

  • Handmade from 100% natural Himalayan rock salt
  • Available in seven different attractive colours emitting from long life LED    
  • Inbuilt heater that keeps lamp warm to produce negative ions
  • It helps to create a protective healthy negative ionic area around you       against electronic frequencies that can distract, agitate and cause discomfort
  • Each USB salt lamp has 4.50feet (approx) long cord with USB connector and weighs from 500gm to 700gm (approx)
  • This is the perfect size to use with your laptop or PC in office, home, cafe or anywhere


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