Technically known as Speleotherapy but commonly known an ‘Underground Climatotherapy’, is an alternative treatment for Asthma, which has been in vogue in Eastern Europe since centuries. In this treatment an asthmatic patient is supposed to spend at least 2-3 hours per day for at least 3 months under these salt mines. This has produced positive results. Basically three medical factors are affective to enhance the health of patients i.e. specific microclimate of salt mines, water of salt workings and brine and mud of salty lake.

Negative Ions freshen and improve air quality by removing harmful particles from the air. It is an astonishing factor that we take 56% of the energy from the air we breathe which is more than from the combination of both water and food. Sources of positive ions are vehicle and factory smokes, cigarette smoke, artificial cooling and heating systems, exhausts, televisions, radios, computers, high voltage networks, transmitters and radar systems etc.

Exclusive microclimate of salt mines is being used effectively for more than 30 years in the treatment and psychotherapy of patients having symptoms of bronchial asthma and other Chronic Nonspecific Lung Diseases (CNLD) in the world’s famous Ukrainian Allergologic Hospital (UAH), a speleotherapeutic clinic in Ukraine.
Dr. Albert P. Krueger, University of California’s microbiologist and experimental therapist and founder of the Air Ion Research Laboratory revealed through his studies that the ionized air significantly lowers the level of airborn germs in covered areas. Surprisingly a small level of negative ions can finish these bacteria and throw them out of the air to keep the people safe from their harm, he added.

For the treatment of most health states, the use of Salt Crystal Lamps and allied products is extremely advised by the Homeopathists and Bioenergotherapists in Europe and Asia. These products are of great advantage for routine use near computers, while watching televisions, in air-conditioned rooms, at smoking places, in massage and meditation rooms.

The indoor air pollution can be greatly decreased by the production of Negative Ions emitting from these Natural Salt Crystal Rock Lamps and allied products apart from the fact that these products now became the natural medical device as they play a role of Air-Cleaner naturally.

Undoubtedly, Negative Ions have positive effect on human health as they provide cure from allergies, hay fever, cold, flu, asthmatic attacks, headaches, sinus, annoyance, stress, anxiety, migraine and diseases of sexual sphere. Moreover, they decrease the tension and strain by enriching the immune system, increase the lung capacity, enhance the attentiveness and boost the efficiency.


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