Why Use Rock Salt Lamps:

Cool salt crystals in underground salt mines that is non-illuminated usually produce lower negative ionizing effect whereas the illuminated (light up) Salt Crystal Lamps generate higher number of Negative Ions due to slightly increased temperature of the salt crystals. Successive scientific researches disclosed that in congested rooms, negative ions fall upto 200 per cubic centimeter whereas Salt Crystal Lamps would boost the negative ions ratio by more than 300%.

Air ionization and negative ions production give a soothing and calming effect to the mind and soul and the glow of these lamps, appearing in different natural colors and shades ranging from orange, red, apricot and white to golden, provides charismatic and pleasant look to the eyes and adds loveliness to the environment. This creates specific atmosphere of consoling, meditative balance, serenely and peace for the users. 

For example in bedrooms Rock Salt Lamps or Candleholders/ Tealights when glow in gloom provide charismatic and romantic view and also create healthy environment that besides giving peaceful sleep, enhance the affection between the partners by reducing stress and enriching their immune system and make them able to enjoy the company more effectively.

In offices, where they keep the work force refresh and energize, improve their efficiency, deliberation and make them able to concentrate more on their work by naturalizing the artificial environment.

Rock Salt Products Can Be Used In The Following Ways:

  • In Bedrooms
  • In Offices
  • For Computer Users
  • For Allergy Victims
  • During Study
  • By Meditators
  • By Smokers
  • For Asthmatic Patients
  • While entertaining dinner guests
  • During Bath & wherever you want a cozy environment


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