Negative Ions


Negative Ions are beneficial for our health as they play a role of “Air Energizers” or “Vitamins of the Air”. Ions are molecules or atoms of oxygen with or without electrons. An electronically charged molecule is called ‘Negative Ion’ whereas a molecule that had lost its electrons generally due to polluted air caused mainly by electronic appliances functioning indoor, is known as ‘Positive Ion’.

As most of us are aware about the fact that the quality of the air we breathe depends upon the higher ratio of Negative Ions as compared to Positive Ions. As we usually notice an improved air quality near to the ocean and waterfall, in the forest, on the mountain’s top and after rain just because that ionization balance in these places remains in the favor of electronically charged molecules i.e. Negative Ions. Scientific studies revealed that the proportion between negative to positive ions should be 1.02 : 0.98. The capacity of Negative Ions in the air should range from 1000 to 1500 per cubic cm. Likewise the Salt Crystal Rock is another natural source of emitting Negative Ions.


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